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MOS Wola Warszawa is a Youth Athletic Club for kids and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 years old. The club was established in 1965 and has volleyball programs for boys and girls. Our volleyball programs have grown due to an excellent reputation for skills development, winning, and exceptional organization.

Currently there are about 550 boys and girls with teams ranging from 10 (mini volley) to 19 years of age.

The entire coaching staff are trained and certified at various levels of technical proficiency.

Mr. Paweł Wasilewski  is the director of MOS Wola Warszawa.

MOS Wola Warszawa is one of the best junior volleyball clubs in Poland, winning 5 times in the last 6 years in Department of Sport’s ranking, for Best Junior Volleyball Club in the country).

MOS Wola Warszawa teams won over 43 medals in the National Championships (13 Gold, 15 Silver and 15 Bronze).

MOS Wola Warszawa has trained over 80 athletes that played in the U-18 National Team who won the World and European Championships medals. Mr. Stanisław Lizińczyk is president Club WOLA Warszawa.

The most famous MOS Wola Warszawa’s player, Arkadiusz Golas, has played in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Over 120 of our players landed in the professional first division clubs after reaching the maximum age for junior players in MOS Wola.

During the summer vacations the club is organizing training camps in very well equipped sport complexes located in the most beautiful recreational areas.

For each of the last 27 years, the club has organized an International Junior Volleyball Tournament called “WOLA – CUP” where some of the best teams from Europe were among the participants.
MOS Wola teams participate in tournaments and camps outside of the country as well. These places are marked on the map of Europe (located on our home page).

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  • Club’s history and organization
  • Club’s accomplishments (medals and success stories)
  • Coaches’ profiles
  • Current teams’ rosters
  • Photo gallery
  • Affiliated volleyball clubs

MOS Wola is looking for clubs interested in partnership and participation in tournament camps.

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